What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing refers to a practice where a business (referee) earns as a result of promoting a merchant’s product. In this type of business, an affiliate marketer only receives pay once they successfully promote the product leading to their website visitor clicking on the product link, or buying the product.

To make money through affiliate marketing, you need to develop your business. Building a business may require you to learn best practices from your peers (other affiliate marketers) through forums and online communities. You also need to invest in relationships with your affiliates; know what they expect from you, gather feedback from them, improve the experience of both affiliates and your visitors. You also need to invest in driving huge traffic to your website. You also need to develop highly enticing but non-deceptive pay-per-click ads. Earning good money as an affiliate marketer requires you to take into great consideration the quality of the affiliate you choose to work with rather than their quantity.

Besides all that, you also need to understand what you expect. This should include understanding your demographics. You also need to get prepared to do a lot of work especially at the beginning of the affiliate marketing journey. Lastly, you also need to learn how this type of marketing works.

The Affiliate Marketing Guide


Most people see great opportunities in running affiliate marketing business. However, one common impediment to starting own affiliate marketing business is the lack of pre-requisite information. For one to start, and run successful affiliate marketing business, they need to be well equipped with affiliate marketing information, including the right procedure to follow in establishing this business. Continue Reading